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System of a new e-ticket
for LIVE entertainment

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LIVE QR provides Easy authentication simply by holding the smartphone 
Secure and SAFE as impropriety is thoroughly prevented

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  • Only a smartphone is required
    Only a smartphone is required

    You can enter simply by installing the LIVE QR app beforehand.

  • Measure to prevent reselling
    Measure to prevent reselling

    You can prevent use by persons other than you by registration of your face photo and QR code changing according to time.

How to use

  • Confirm your seat with the app and enter!
  • Confirm your seat with the app and enter!

    Tap the "LIVE QR" icon and confirm the QR code displayed. You can also confirm your seat on the LIVE QR screen on the day.
    *After a ticket is issued, the QR code and performance information are displayed.


I have no idea on how to shoot/register/change my face photo
If you have not registered your face photo, the shooting and registration page is displayed when you log in to the app.
To register/change it, tap the camera mark on the upper left corner of the member page to shoot and register it.
I cannot change the registered photo
You cannot change your photo while you apply for performance requiring face authentication and registration.
See the application page of your ticket for more details.
Is there a rule about a face photo to be registered?
Be sure to take a picture of your face. You may be denied entrance if your face cannot be confirmed at an event requiring face authentication when you enter.
Is there a rule about how to shoot?
Shoot your face so that your face fits inside the circle displayed when the camera is started. Face front and take the photo alone in the same way as when shooting an ID photo.
The following are not allowed:
  • Wearing a cap, mask, sunglasses, hair accessory, or scarf.
  • Including other people and shooting with a poster and figure
How I can upload the photo I shot separately
You cannot upload any photo. Start the camera from the app for taking a photo.
Can I register a shot photo?
You cannot register a photo shot using apps other than LIVE QR app.
Can I apply for a ticket using the app?
LIVE QR app is for entry. You cannot apply for a ticket using it.
I cannot access the Internet. Can I use the app?
You need access the Internet to use LIVE QR app.
Can I enter with a screenshot?
You cannot enter with a screenshot.
Start the app and show your ticket (QR code) when you enter.
Can I use a feature phone?
You cannot use a feature phone.
Use a smartphone with which LIVE QR app can be installed.
Ticket I applied for is not displayed
A ticket is displayed on the LIVE QR app after it is issued.
Tap "Application and purchase history" on the member page to confirm your application content.