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Date of live streaming Open streaming site Start live streamig
Novermber 19th (Thu), 2020 (JST) 6:30PM (JST) 7:00PM (JST)
*Live Streaming starting times may change
*If you watch from the middle of live streaming, you can watch the live stream from that point.You cannot be rewound and played during live distribution.
*Those who purchase live streaming ticket can also watch archive streaming.
*If you want to confirm the archive streaming, it may takes some time to play back the streaming site.

About archive streaming
*Archive streaming can be viewed from 00:00AM, November 20th (Friday), which may take some time to start the archive streaming.
*The archive streaming will be available for viewing until 11:59PM, November 26th (Thursday). Please note that even while watching, it will end halfway when the time comes.

Tickets and Prices (tax included)
Viewing ticket
1,800 yen per ticket (tax included)
-At the maximum 10 tickets can be bought.
-Payment: ONLY via Credit Card

Contents of Live Streaming
Joe Hisaishi, who is active not only as a composer but also as a conductor, launched the concert series "MUSIC FUTURE" in 2014 to introduce excellent contemporary music. This time the 7th, the first series of live distribution was decided.

"MUSIC FUTURE" is a selection of state-of-the-art music from the perspective of Hisaishi Joe unique, which started as a composer of minimalist music, in Japan, it has been evaluated as an innovative project that will introduce a little play opportunities composer In 2018, the performance in New York was also successful. This year, which will be held at the Yomiuri Otemachi Hall in Tokyo, we will show songs by Joe Hisaishi, a US composer, Nico Muhly who has been attracting worldwide attention due to interaction with Joe Hisaishi, and songs written by Joe Hisaishi.

-Band name-
Chamber music: Music Future Band

John Adams: Gnarly Buttons for Clarinet and Small Orchestra
Joe Hisaishi: 2 Pieces 2020 for Strange Ensemble
Nico Muhly: Balance Problems for Chamber Ensemble
Bryce Dessner: Skrik Trio for Violin, Viola and Violoncello
Joe Hisaishi: Variation 14 for MFB (World premiere)
*Performance pieces are subject to change.

Official Site:

- Please be sure to check before purchasing a viewing ticket -

Be sure to check in advance the communication environment suitable for viewing video.
Refer to the following for the recommended environment and operation check.

-Recommended environment and operation check-
-Operating environment (recommended)
-Recommended OS for smartphone/tablet (recommended browser)
iOS 12.0 or later (limited to some of the latest version of Safari)
Android 7.0 and later (Google Chrome Update)

-Recommended PC operating system (recommended browser)
Windows 10 and later (Google Chrome update)
Mac OS 10.9 or later (Google Chrome Update, Safari Update )

-Communication environment (recommended)
Down 1 Mbps or more and up 256 kbps or more
*Use of a 4G/LTE line, such as a smartphone tablet, generates a large amount of packet communication, so we recommend using Wi-Fi.
*When using a 4G/LTE line, be sure to check in advance whether the service area is out of service area or the radio wave is weak, whether there is remaining packet capacity, and whether the communication status is stable.
*If there are other users using the same line at the same time, or if there is a situation where communication connections are unstable, such as wireless LAN or tethering connections, there is a possibility that the video and audio being distributed may be disturbed.

-Operation check
*Confirm whether the following movies can be played in order to check the video viewing environment.
Try the computer, smartphone, and Internet environment you want to use when viewing distributed content.
*Note that the music will start playing at the same time as the movie is played.
If you cannot hear music, check the volume.

*We shall not be responsible for the distributor or for any problems in viewing caused by customers.

- Video viewing -
*Video viewing is available only from links in ticket board My Page viewing ticket information
From the ticket board My Page "Application/purchasing history" after the opening of the streamng site for the live, please go to the dedicated streaming site for this live "neo bridge" and watch it.

*[1:Account (ID) 1 device] is available for viewing only on one device per ticket
Can not simultaneous viewing by a plurality

- About issuing live sreaming tickets -
*The live streaming ticket is scheduled to be issued at [November 16th (Mon) 8:00PM, 2020(JST)].
*If you purchase two or more streaming tickets, you can distribute the streaming tickets after the ticket is issued.
*Those who receive the distribution of sreaming tickets also need to register as a member on the ticket board (free of charge) in advance. We recommend that you register as a member in advance so that you can watch it smoothly.
*Distribution can be canceled before the person who received the distribution accesses the distribution site.
* Please note that the distribution cannot be canceled when the person who received the distribution accesses the distribution site.

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- About Application -
[Register membership]
You must register as a member of ticket board (free) for the application.

(1) members of the ticket board already
You do not need to register as a member of ticket board.
Enter the e-mail address and password registered in ticket board, log in, and proceed to the application.

(2) Those who have not yet registered as a ticket board member
You must register as a member of ticket board (free).

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Please check the terms of use of the neo bridge service from the following and apply after agreeing.

>>CLICK HERE FOR the terms of use of the neo bridge service

Membership registration (free) on the ticket board is required to apply

>>ticket board membership registration (free) is HERE

Precautions - Please be sure to read -

*Complete the registration by agreeing to be sent an email magazine about JOE HISAISHI, and also agreeing to offering personal information to third parties.

*The companions also need to register a free account with ticket board

When registering a free account with ticket board, register with an email address registered in advance such as with Gmail

*Please be aware in advance that any changes or cancellations after registration is complete will not be accepted

*Please be aware in advance that it will not be possible to complete the registration after the registration period has elapsed

*It is inappropriate to tell your ticket board user ID and password to someone else (including friends and family), or for someone to login with someone else's user ID and password, or to transfer the membership information to someone else, so please be aware that this will result in the removal of the membership qualifications, and it will be canceled.

*Please also read the following beforehand

Ticket Payment Method

Important Reminder from the Organizer


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*We do not accept ticket applications by e-mail.

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