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Do I need to bring anything other than my mobile phone containing my downloaded digital ticket to the event?
Please bring your passport on the day of the event. You may be asked to present it to our members of staff.
I have forgotten to bring my mobile phone to the event.
Ticket board deems digital tickets to be synonymous with each member's mobile phone. Therefore, tickets cannot be reissued under any circumstances.
Please do not forget to bring your mobile phone with which you have downloaded your digital ticket, or else you will be denied admission.
My mobile phone has run out of battery on the day of the event.
If you are unable to display your QR code on your mobile phone because of reasons such as running out of battery, you will be denied admission.
I would like to attend an event with somebody who does not own a mobile phone.
In principle, everybody including accompanying members must have a mobile phone(that is compatible with our digital ticket system).
Which mobile phones are compatible with the digital ticket for mobile phones service? (As of November 15, 2011)
Your mobile phone must be able to
- Access websites
- Establish SSL sessions
- Display and save images

If you choose to download your digital ticket in Japan, your mobile phone must be capable of data roaming or connecting to wi-fi networks in Japan, in addition to the above. Please note that you will be responsible for any communication fees that may apply.
I cannot view the ticket board site because I am using a filtering system on my mobile phone (restriction to block harmful websites).
If you have placed internet access restrictions on your mobile phone, you may not be able to access ticket board.
Please check the details of your contract, and change the settings to authorize access to all of the following URLs.
- http://tickebo.jp
- https://tickebo.jp
- http://m1.mobcon.jp
- https://ticket.tickebo.jp
For details regarding how to change the settings of your filtering system (restriction to block harmful websites), please contact your mobile phone company.
I don't know how to allot tickets to others.
You can allot purchased tickets by accessing My Page on ticket board→Application/Purchasing History→Application History (Details).
By registering each accompanying member's email address accessible on mobile phone, an email with instructions on how to download their tickets will be sent automatically.
Recipients of the email can register on ticket board as instructed, in order to download their tickets onto their mobile phones.
* You will be able to allot the digital tickets as soon as they are issued.
* The allotment period will begin at various times depending on the event.
* Each accompanying members must have a mobile phone that is compatible with the ticket board service.
* Accompanying members who are allotted tickets must also register as a member on ticket board, and must be able to receive emails from the domain "@tickebo.jp".
I would like to change my accompanying members.
You can cancel allotted tickets by accessing My Page on ticket board→Application/Purchasing History→Application History (Details).
If you would like to change the receivers of the allotted tickets, you can do so by going through the allotment procedure again once the initial ticket allotment is cancelled.
My accompanying member has not received an email from ticket board yet.
Please check that the email address accessible on mobile phone that you submitted for the accompanying member is correct.
Also, the domain setting on your accompanying member's mobile phone may be configured to reject emails sent from computers. If so, please ask them to add "@tickebo.jp" to their list of authorized domains in their domain setting and allot a ticket to them once more.
You will need to cancel your previous allotments in order to allot the tickets once more.
How do I enter venue with the QR code ticket?
All you need to do is display the saved QR code on your mobile phone, and hold your phone above the ticket reader at the entrance.
* Your QR code ticket may not be read properly if the brightness setting of your mobile phone screen is set to economy mode.
* You will need to download your digital ticket for mobile phones before arriving at the event.
* Your ticket may not be read properly if there are stickers on your mobile phone display screen.
What if I change my mobile phone?
Use your new mobile phone to access the Application/Purchasing History section of My Page on ticket board, and download your QR code ticket again.
If you have changed your email address accessible on mobile phone as well, you must register the new address under your membership details.
* Each QR code ticket is valid for one entry only.
* If you try to use the same QR code ticket to enter an event twice by downloading it onto both your old and new phones, your actions will be deemed as illegal ticket copying and you will be responsible for paying the entire amount of liabilities owed to our company as a result of those actions.
* The QR code contains information about the event that it is valid for, such as the event date and seat number (for events with reserved seating). Once a QR code is read by a ticket reader, it will be deemed invalid for entry if you try to use it again.
If multiple versions of the same ticket exist through copying, the first ticket that goes through the ticket reader will be deemed valid. All other versions of the same ticket will be rendered invalid, even if it is the original.
* In principle, digital tickets that are printed on paper or presented on devices other than mobile phones will be deemed invalid.
Is there going to be baggage-screening?
Guests attending events are advised that cameras, recorders, and like articles will be strictly prohibited from the facility. All guests may be subject to search of their person and/or possessions. Patrons with prohibited articles will be turned away. Enforcement will be without exceptions.
None of the Q&As here correspond to my question.
Please send your question to info@boardwalk-inc.jp by email.

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