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About ticket application/purchasing

Do I need to register as a member to purchase a ticket?
Yes, you will neet to register as a member of ticket board in order to apply for/purchase tickets.
I would like to confirm whether my ticket application has gone through.
An email confirming your application will be sent to your email address accessible on mobile phone when your application is complete.
However, emails may be delayed or prevented from being delivered if you have changed your email address from the one that you registered, or due to bad reception etc. Please check the Application/Purchasing History section of your My Page to double-check your application status.
What time do you start accepting applications for general and advanced tickets?
This depends on each event. Please check the details of each event on their specific pages.
I would like to apply for a ticket by phone. What is the number?
Unfortunately we do not accept applications by phone at this point in time.
I would like to cancel my ticket.
Tickets that were purchased at your will cannot be exchanged/altered/cancelled under any circumstances.
Please make a note of this before applying for/purchasing a ticket.
What are general tickets?
General tickets are tickets sold by various ticket agencies on the same date/time, at once. In principle, these tickets are sold on a first-come-first-served basis.
Please note that some events do not sell general tickets.
I would like to be on the waiting for a cancellation.
Unfortunately we do not provide standby tickets at this point in time.
Can I apply for multiple seats in a row?
In principle, we will book multiple seats in a horizontal or vertical row. However, please note that we cannot guarantee that such seating arrangements will always be available.
What is the multiple application restriction?
The multiple application restriction refers to the number of times a person can apply for a particular show. The restriction differs depending on each show. Please check the details of each event.
Can I get better seats through advanced application?
The advanced application service allows you to apply for seats in advance, before the general tickets are sold. It does not guarantee that you will get better seats.
Each seating location is determined by an impartial draw, out of the seats that the event organizer has delegated to ticket board.
Results of the draw and seating locations will not be affected by the application number issued at the time of application, or the timing or order of application.
What is the maximum number of tickets that I can purchase?
There may be a restriction to the number of tickets that each member can purchase depending on the show. Please check the details of each event.
I have successfully won the draw, and would like to purchase more/less tickets.
Unforunately we do not accept any changes after your application is complete under any circumstances.
I want to cancel my application.
We do not accept changes or cancellations after your application is complete under any circumstances. Please note that we cannot refund your ticket even if you do not attend the event on the day.
I do not own a mobile phone. Can I still apply for/purchase a digital ticket?
Unfrotunately we do not accept digital ticket applications or purchases from devices other than mobile phones (including smart phones) that are compatible with our ticket board service.
Do I have to pay a handling fee when I purchase a ticket?
It depends on the show. Please check the details of each event on their specific pages.
Can I choose a specific seat number when purchasing a ticket?
No, you cannot choose a specific seat number. We will determine your seat according to your type of application, from the seats designated to ticket board from the organizer.
Can I change my ticket application in any way?
No, you cannot change your application in any way.
In addition, if you do not complete payments for advanced application tickets that you have successfully drawn, we reserve the right to disqualify you from future advanced applications.
Such actions inconvenience the other members who apply for the same draw. Please consider your application thoroughly before committing to it.

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