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About ticket board

What is ticket board?
Ticket board is a website operated by Boardwalk Inc. which sells tickets for concerts, theater performances, movies, and amusement facilities etc.
Only registered members can purchase tickets on this site.
Can I apply for tickets on my computer rather than my mobile phone?
Unfortunately our current system only caters to ticket applications via mobile phones (including smart phones).
Please make sure your mobile phone is able to
- Access websites
- Establish SSL sessions
- Display and save images

If you choose to download your digital ticket in Japan, your mobile phone must be capable of data roaming or connecting to wi-fi networks in Japan, in addition to the above. Please note that you will be responsible for any communication fees that may apply.
When do you perform system maintenance?
Right now, we perform system updates on an irregular basis.
While we make an effort to announce system maintenances beforehand, there may be times when we must perform system maintenance without prior notice. We apologise for any inconvenience that this may cause, and appreciate your patience and understanding.
I found a typo in your events information.
Please inform our info@boardwalk-inc.jp via email.

Unauthorized reproduction of any content posted on ticket board (articles, images, videos etc.) without the permission of Boardwalk Inc. is strictly prohibited.

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