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Image of QR code/how to read your QR code at the entrance

Image of QR code
You will be able to download the following type of QR code ticket on ticket board.
The event name, venue, date/time, and seat number appear above and below the QR code.
Please check the details before attending your event.

How to read your QR code at the entrance
1)Please have the QR code displayed on your mobile phone before you approach the entrance.
The method of displaying the code on your screen will differ depending on each mobile phone. Please contact your mobile phone company or manufacturer for more information. If you cannot save the QR code as an image or save the entire web page, be sure to login to your My Page and display the QR code ticket from our site, before arriving at the entrance.
To do the above, your mobile phone must be capable of data roaming or connecting to wi-fi networks in Japan. Please note that you will be responsible for any communication fees that may apply.
* On the day of the event, the reception may be hard to get due to network congestion.
* The QR code may not be read properly if the backlight is turned off, if your screen is wet with rain, or if the QR code is not properly displayed on the screen.
2)You can enter the event venue by displaying your QR code ticket on your mobile phone, and slowly holding it above the window of the QR code reader located at the entrance.
* Hold your mobile phone at a slight distance from the reader without pressing it down too closely.

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