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We, Boardwalk Inc. (1-7 Kojimachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo), as a business that handles personal information of our customers, pay close attention to maintenance of the confidentiality of personal information. We are committed to protecting the confidentiality of customer personal information, and always keep in mind our duties under the Act on the Protection of Personal Information, the applicable laws and regulations and ministerial guidelines relating to the protection of personal information and the following provisions.

1. Definition of Personal Information
In this Privacy Policy, Personal Information means the following information that could identify a specific individual, collected from customers via the Ticket Board website etc. operated by us.
1) Information on personal preferences (music genres, artists, interests etc.), such as name, address, telephone number, sex, age, email address that may identify an individual.
2) Information obtained via questionnaire, e.g. event feedback questionnaire (satisfaction with the event, impressions, intentions to attend other events etc.)
3) Automatically retrieved information (session information including cookies, individual identification of mobile phone (keitai-denwa kobetsu shikibetsu ID), IP (internet phone), login information, passwords, computer and connection information (type and version of browser and plug-ins, operating system etc.), access to website for product purchase history etc., access from the history, products displayed and searched for, inquiry history, browser data, page response times, downloads, errors, access times for specific pages, information on page interaction (scrolling, clicks and mouse movements etc.), and method of exit from pages).

2. Purposes of Use of Personal Information
We use personal information collected from customers for the purposes listed below.
We shall not use the information for any other purposes, unless we receive consent of the individual to such use by separate communication from the customer.
1) Matters concerning business of ticket sales on consignment etc. This includes where third party service providers are involved.
i. order processing including reservations, drawings, sales etc. , settlement proceeds and product delivery
ii. personal identification and authentication upon entry to the place at the time of events
iii. provision to third party event promoters (limited to use in unexpected circumstances such as event cancelation)
iv. after-service and complaints handling
v. money transfers etc. for event cancellation refunds

2) Matters concerning information provision to customers via email etc.
i. provision of information relating to entertainers whom customers purchase tickets for
ii. provision of a broad range of information to ticket purchasers at an appropriate time from the time of ticket purchase until the day of the event or after the event, relating to event information, sale events for related goods and digital content etc.
iii. transmission of information regarding other events, services and event information based on memberfs personal preference information, and email newsletters and targeted mail etc. to members.
iv. transmission of direct mail and email newsletters as requested by third parties (such as introductions to third party services, campaign information and advertising etc. relating to events and the performing arts)
Note: Even if you do not agree to the purposes of use in section b. above, we will not refuse the admission to the menbership and take any procedures for withdrawal of the membership. We have set up a webpage for changes to member information and you may use this page to discontinue the above uses of your information:

3) Matters relating to the improvement of services and marketing analysis, including provision to third parties for such purposes
i. any marketing analysis based on behavioral history and surveys of purchases of digital contents and mail order products, and applications for tickets
ii. Promotions of the optimal sales in the future, which are based on analysis of location of residence, outcome of drawing, previous seating etc
iii. development of new systems based on what is convenient for members, their preferences and interests.
iv. provision as electronic data to third parties with whom we have entered into a contract as to the handling of personal information, following the comparison of information relating to the lifestyle of users based on their purchase history etc., with information purchased and information received from third parties, and personalization (i.e. analysis of stored data and optimization based on user attributes, and purchase/behavioral history).
Note: Even if you do not agree to the purposes of use in section c. above, we will not refuse the admission to the menbership and take any procedures for withdrawal of the membership. You may request that we discontinue this use of personal information by sending a completed eRequest to Discontinue Provision of Personal Information to Third Partiesfto disignated address (click here to download).

3. Entrustment Personal Information
We have entrusted the performance of certain services in connection with this Service to a company with whom we have entered into contract regarding personal information.
The services entrusted to that company may include processing of orders, delivery of goods, delivery of postal mail and email, data analysis, assistance with marketing, system development, credit card payments, data management at data centers, customer enquiries etc.
The service provider uses personal information to the extent necessary for the performance of the above services, but not for any other purpose.

4. Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties
We could provide personal information with third parties after entering into nondisclosure agreement as set forth in the above purposes,
In addition to the above, we also provide personal information to third parties in cases where:
i. we have obtained the prior agreement or consent of the customer; or
ii. we are requested to disclose under on law or regulation; or
iii. it is necessary to disclose to a financial institution, creditor card company, collection company, or other payment settlement business or its agent, in order to conduct operations relating to payment of fees the settlement of other payments to us.

5. Correction and Deletion of Personal Information
We have set up a page for changes to member information, which allows members to confirm and correct errors in personal information regarding their name, age, sex etc.
The page only permits access to the personal information of the member concerned.

6. Transfer of Business
The operator may, as a management decision, transfer the business division involved in the provision of the Service.
In such case, the information related to customers, will ordinarily be regarded as a transferrable business asset. In order for the operator to continue to provide the Service, or for other business purposes, the personal information of users may be transferred in whole or in part.

7. Name of Business and Personal Information Protection Administrator Details
Name of Business: Boardwalk Inc.
Position: Information Security Officer
Contact Point: Ticket board Information Centre

8. Personal Information Disclosure, Notice of Purpose of Use, Cancellation of Use, Deletion and Discontinuation of Provision to Third Parties / Inquiries
If you have any requests relating to personal information disclosure, notice of purpose of use, cancellation of use, deletion, discontinuation of provision to third parties, or complaints regarding the handling of personal information, please contact the Ticket board Information Centre via

9. Regarding Personal Information, including Credit Information
Our purpose in obtaining credit information from customers (card name, number and expiry date), the name of the party who acquires this information, the name of the third paty who recieves this information with, and the retention period is as follows:
1) Purpose of use: settlement of payment of ticket purchase price
2) Information acquirer: Boardwalk Inc., information security officer
3) Information reciepent : SBI VeriTrans, Co. Ltd
4) Retention period:
For credit card settlement and registration, we use the settlement agent SBI VeriTrans, Co. Ltd.
After provision to SBI VeriTrans, Co. Ltd, we absolutely do not retain customer credit card information.

10. Changes to this Policy
We will comply with the applicable laws, regulations and norms relating to the holding of personal information and endeavor to review and improve the Privacy Policy as necessary.
We will announce any significant changes to the Privacy Policy on our website.
We ask that you familiarize yourself with the Privacy Policy based on regular checks of this page.
Further, there are links on websites managed by us, our email newsletters etc. to external sites.
Since personal information registered on these external sites is not information that is within our control, we bear no responsibility whatsoever regarding such information.
Please confirm the privacy policy of said site when registering your personal information at any external sites.

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