Personal Information Protection Policy

We, Boardwalk Inc., conduct a business that involves the sale etc. of event tickets and digital contents for music, sports, movies and theatre etc. We thereby acquire and must manage substantial amounts of corporate and personal information.
We recognize that it is our corporate responsibility to establish, implement, maintain and improve a personal information protection management system (PMS), and handle and manage all personal information based on sound control systems and safe control procedures.
We view compliance with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information and other laws as fundamental to our corporate philosophy. Further, we regard customer confidence and support as the most significant factor in our further business development. We recognize that to ensure proper management of personal information and its use in accordance with our customerfs requests is our mission.
We have, therefore, established this Personal Information Protection Policy. We will keep it in mind at all times, disseminate it to our officers, employees and all persons involved in our operations, and endeavor to appropriately protect personal information in accordance with this policy.

1. The purposes of use are clearly defined and within our legitimate operations. We shall acquire, use and provide personal information by fair and reasonable means, to the extent necessary to achieve these purposes. Use for other purposes is prohibited and measures are in place to prevent such use.
2. We will comply with the laws and regulations, national guidelines and other norms relating to the handling of personal information, and fulfill our social responsibility.
3. With respect to the disclosure, loss or damage of personal information handled by our company, we will take preventive and corrective measures such as organizational, technical and employee training.
4. We will establish a contact point for complaints and inquiries, appoint a person responsible for administering these matters, and respond promptly.
5. We will establish, implement, maintain and periodically inspect and review the compliance status of the PMS, and endeavor to continuously reform the PMS in response to changes in the social environment and our internal corporate environment.
Established at : May 27, 2011
Representative Director, President,
Akira Ichikawa

For any questions, complaints and enquiries regarding our personal information protection policy, personal information protection management system and personal information handling, please contact:

Boardwalk Inc.
Ticket board Information Centre, Information Security Officer
1-7 Kojimachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

Purposes of Use of Personal Information
1. Personal information acquired otherwise than by documents directly from customers : Personal information entrusted from customers
2. Purposes of Use
(1) For the performance of entrusted business
(2) For the performance of contracts and review of technical capacity
(3)For business contact

About "Accessible Personal Information"
With respect to personal information of customers that we hold we will make the following matters accessible to the owner of that information.
1. Name of the Business: Boardwalk Inc.
2. Personal Information Manager Details:
Information Security Officer

3. Purposes of Use
(1) Member Personal Information
The purposes of use are indicated in section 2 of our Privacy Policy.
(2) Business Partner Personal Information.
i. contact, negotiations etc. necessary for business
ii. processing of payments and receipts, management of business partner information
(3) Personal Information of Prospective Boardwalk Inc. Employees etc.
i. contacting applicants
ii. management of our recruitment activities
(4) Employee Personal Information
i. personnel and labor management
ii. management of payroll and social insurance
iii. contact regarding office matters, emergency contact
iv. management of the management system for personal information protection

4. Contact Point for Complaints
The personal information manager and contact details are indicated in section 2 above.

5. Procedures for Disclosure Requests etc.
(1) Contact for Disclosure Requests etc.
Information Security Officer, Boardwalk Inc.
1-7 Kojimachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
(2) Form for Disclosure Requests etc.
Please send your request via email.
(3) Identity Confirmation
In principle, we will confirm your identity by your e-mail reply including your name and address. Enquiries from representatives of the person concerned will not, in principle, be accepted.
(4) Fee for Notice of Purpose of Use or Disclosure
There is no fee.

6. Additional Points to Note regarding Requests for Disclosure etc.
(1) If a response is not required under the Act on the Protection of Personal Information, or there are defects in the specified documents, etc., it may be that we cannot respond to a request for disclosure etc.
(2) We shall deal with personal information acquired in relation to requests to disclose etc. only to the extent necessary to respond to the request.
(3) Depending on the nature of the enquiry, there may be cases where it takes time to respond.
(4) Please be aware that the result of a request for discontinuance of use of personal information, deletion of personal information, or discontinuance of its provision to third parties, may result in your inability to use the services for which the relevant personal information was applicable.

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