Indications in accordance with the notation in the Act on Specified Commercial Transactions (Tsushin Hanbai Act)

Boardwalk Inc. defines as follows in accordance with Article 11 (Advertisements of Mail Order Sales) of Act on Specified Commercial Transactions

¡Seller and President Director
Seller: Boardwalk Inc.
President Director: Representative Director, President, Akira Ichikawa
Delivery fees for redelivery due to the customer's reason will be borne by the customer.
1-7 Kojimachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 102-0083

¡Selling Price (Fees Necessary for the Goods and Others)
Fees for payment, fees for delivery, fees for system usage etc. may accrue other than the ticket price. It will be informed individually at the time of the order.
All the above indicated prices include consumption tax.

¡Method and Time of the Payment
Credit Card transactions: The transaction will be settled at the time that win at drawing is fixed for the Tickets Initial Sales Services, and at the time that order is fixed for the ordinary sales and on the day exchange.

¡The Time of the Delivery of the Goods
Will be informed at the time of the order as it depends on the way of order.

¡Limitation on Selling Amount
The tickets will be sold in order of arrival (for a first-come, first-served basis sale) or in a drawing (for the Tickets Initial Sales Services) depending on the seating capacity of the event and the limitation of the amount of tickets we can handle.

¡Exchanges and Returns
Tickets purchased at the customer's request may not be replaced/changed/cancelled for any reason whatsoever.

¡Support for Defective Products
Tickets may be returned only when it is corrupted at the time of delivery or when we consider it is unacceptable to be valid as a ticket. The Event Promoter will take full responsibility including obligation for announcement for the cancellation and suspension of the event.

¡Shipping Cost when Returned
Tickets will be refunded at the time of cancellation of the event by force majeure for the specified period of time based on the decision of the organizer and consignment to us. However, in such case, tickets are not refunded when electronic data (QR code etc.) of the ticket is corrupted, lost or defaced to beyond recognition. Refund will be for ticket price only and may take 3 to 4 weeks to complete. Tickets will be refunded when the event is cancelled, suspended or changed in contents. In such case, shipping cost will be included in the refund amount (maximum of 300 yen).

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