Ticket Payment Method

Please read the following before paying for your ticket.

Paying by credit card
For advanced applications, your account will be charged when the application procedure is complete.
For drawing applications,your account will be charged only when the applicant is successful.
* Personal information including credit card details are protected by an SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption when being transmitted to our server.
* Please note that we may set a credit limit for the total price of tickets applied for.
* We do not recommend using debit cards for our services.

Paying by credit card with debit functions
In some cases, accounts may be charged prematurely for tickets you applied for, either at the time of application or drawing. If this occurs, unsuccessful applicants of the draw may have to wait for their money to be refunded. We recomment that you check with your credit card issuer before using your credit card with debit functions.

Please email the info@boardwalk-inc.jp if the price charged to your account differs from the price of your purchased ticket.
* You will be charged a system usage fee in addition to the ticket price

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