Policy Regarding Digital Tickets for Mobile Phones

Please read the following precautions before purchasing digital tickets for mobile phones through ticket board.

Please check beforehand that your mobile phone can:
- Access websites
- Establish SSL sessions
- Display and save images

In accordance with the terms and conditions regarding ticket board membership and related matters, user IDs and passwords are only to be used by that member alone. Selling tickets purchased through ticket board to third parties is strictly prohibited.

Thus, ticket board deems the following activities inappropriate.
Should such activities be identified, we reserve the right to deny admission at the event, or to suspend or cancel that person's membership under the terms and conditions regarding ticket board membership and related matters.

Sharing one's user ID and password with others ("others" hereon includes family and friends).
Using somebody else's user ID and password to login to ticket board and impersonating that user.
Buying or selling a ticket board member's user ID and/or password.
Downloading the same digital mobie phone ticket with multiple mobile phones.
Printing out or presenting digital tickets on devices other than mobile phones.

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