Terms of Use of "ticket board"

When you use the "ticket board"service (the "Service"), Boardwalk Inc. (the "Company") provides the terms of use of the ticket board service (the "Terms") as follows. Please use the Service after you accept the Terms.

¡Article 1 (Use of Service)
When you use the Service, you shall comply with common manners and morals and technical rules for use of the Internet (with personal computers and mobile phones).

¡Article 2 (Refusal to Use)
If you conduct any act which causes any third party trouble or loss, which may affect the Service, which is provided for in Article 7 of these Terms or any other act the Company deems unreasonable, it may refuse your use of the Service.

¡Article 3 (Provision of Environment)
1. The Service is for people who have made various set up such as characters (Japanese display and English display) or email in an appropriate manner. When you download digital tickets for mobile phones (the delivery of the digital tickets for mobile phones shall, in principle, be made by downloading the same to mobile phones. In any event, the Company does not deliver paper-based tickets to any country other than Japan), it is essential for you that your mobile terminal is accessible to the Company's website, that your SSL communication is available and that you are able to display and save images. The Company shall assume no responsibility for any operating results of mobile phones which do not fulfill these conditions and any impact resulting therefrom.
2. Even if your mobile phone fulfills the conditions set forth in the preceding paragraph, when the Service does not operate properly due to your circumstances (terminal, OS, software, the LAN environment, etc.), the Company shall assume no responsibility for any impact resulting therefrom. All communication fees, connection fees, etc. in relation to use of the Service (including communication fees in relation to data roaming) shall be borne by you.
3. In the case of mobile phones, you shall accept in advance that some mobile terminals such as newly sold models or old models may take a long time to use the Service or fail to use the Service.

¡Article 4 (Application and Change of the Terms)
If you use the Service, you are deemed to have agreed to these Terms. The Company may change the Terms without prior notice, and you shall confirm the Terms each time they are changed. After the Terms are changed, only the contents after such change shall be effective.

¡Article 5 (Ticket Sales)
In relation to ticket sales through the Service, the Company shall, in principle, sell tickets to the "ticket board" members, and you shall take procedures for purchase pursuant to the Terms; provided, however, that the Company sometimes sells tickets to people other than the ticket board members as necessary, and in such case, you shall take procedures for purchase in accordance with instructions on the screen of ticket application, and with regard to the matters not provided for on the screen, you shall comply with the individual provisions of the Terms of Ticket Board Membership.

¡Article 6 (Prohibitions)
You shall not conduct any of the following acts when you use the Service:
1. any act which damages or may damage copyright, property right, privacy, honor, confidence or any other right of any third party or the Company;
2. any act which causes or may cause any losses or damages to any third party or the Company;
3. any act which insures reputation of any other customer, any third party or the Company;
4. any act which goes or may go against public order and morality, or provides any other Member or any third party with information which goes against public order and morality;
5. any act which is conducted for the purpose of profit or preparaion thereof through or in connection with the Service without our approval;
6. any act which makes unauthorized use of any IDs or passwords;
7. any act which uses or provides harmful programs such as computer virus through or in connection with the Service;
8. any act which violates or may violate the laws and regulations; or
9. any other acts which the Company deems inappropriate.

¡Article 7 (Copyright)
You may not use, in any manner, any information or files provided through the Service beyond your own private use allowed under the Copyright Act without permission of right holders.

¡Article 8 (Suspension, Change, etc. of Service)
1. In the case of the following events, the Company may suspend, change, stop, discontinue and delay the operation of the Service:
1) it performs system maintenance of the Service regularly or urgently;
2) it fails to provide the Service as usual due to any war, riot, turmoil, labor dispute, earthquake, eruption, flood, tsunami, fire, blackout and any other emergencies;
3) serivce of telecommunications carriers is suspended or changed; and
4) any other cases where the Company deems suspension of the Service to be necessary in the operation of the Service.
2. The Company shall assume no responsibility to you for the suspension, change, stop, discontinuation and delay of the Service pursuant to the preceding paragraph.

¡Article 9 (Disclaimer)
1. The Company shall not be liable for any damages incurred by you or a third party in connection with the Service, including the provision of information about the Service, except for those caused by bad faith or gross negligence of the Company.
The use of the Service shall be made on your own responsibility at any time. A minor may use the Service subject to the consent from, and under responsibility of, his/her parent or other parental guardian.
2. Although the Company shall strictly control and close attention to maintenance of the confidentiality of personal information that are entered or sent by you in order to use the Service, by encryption, etc., it shall not be deemed as a guarantee that all leaks, disappearances or defacing by others will be prevented.
3. The Company shall give no guarantee the safety, accuracy, reliability, usability, recency, legality, morality, etc. with respect to the contents of the Service, the information and service to be provided by the Company as a part of the Service, and such information as you may acquire through the Service or emails to be sent by the Company.
4. The Company shall have no concern with, and not be liable for, any information and service contained within such websites that are linked to the Service.
5. The Company shall give no guarantee that the number, etc. of tickets to be sold will be sufficient for all orders by you, and that the description described on the ticket which is sold through the Service is correct (including whether the relevant event will be held in accordance with such description).
6. The Company shall not be liable for any damages caused by an action of you which were incurred by a third party.

¡Article 10 (Change of Service)
The Company shall, if it deems any change of system or contents of the Service to be necessary in the operation of the Service, make necessary changes without prior notice.

¡Article 11 (Governing Law)
1. Japanese law shall be applied to the establishment, performance and interpretation of the Terms.
2. Even if the laws of foreign jurisdiction where the customer lives are required to be applied in spite of the provision of preceding paragraph, the Terms shall be effective, except for such part as would be invalid or impractical under such laws.

¡Article 12 (Jurisdiction)
1. When there arises any dispute in connection with the Service between you and the Company, the parties shall settle the same upon consultation each other in good faith.
2. If any dispute could not be settled by consultation, the Tokyo District Court or the Tokyo Summary Court shall have the exclusive jurisdiction for the first instance.

Supplementary Provision: The Terms shall be effective from midnight on May 27, 2010 (Japan time).

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