Individual Provisions: Sales of Tickets

‘Article1 (Sales Manner)
The Company is consigned the sales of tickets from the promoter or the operating company of the event (the "Event Promoter") and the manner of sales is based on their instructions. The number of tickets or the manner of sales may be restricted as necessary.

‘Article2 (Tickets Sales Services)
1. The tickets available for the Member in the Service are the tickets (with some exceptions) handled on the website named "ticket board" and consigned by the Event Promoter to be sold on "ticket board".
2. Subscription to the "ticket board" menbership is necessary to purchase the tickets and this Individual Provisions will be applied upon completion of the subscription.

‘Article3 (Conclusion of Purchase Agreement)
1. Member shall apply for the purchase of tickets in accordance with the prescribed procedure, and a purchase agreement, in principle, deemed to be concluded upon the completion of such procedure.
2. The notice of the completion of the purchase order will be given on the purchase records pages of "ticket board". In addition, a confirmation email will be sent to the registered email address. However, the Company may not be able to send a confirmation email if any problem arises in the subcription such as mistakes in email address, garbled characters etc. Also, the Company shall assume no responsibility if the email has not been received due to undelivery, misdelivery or delay.

‘Article4 (Payment)
1. At the time of purchase of tickets, the Member shall pay, other than ticket price, system usage fee, payment charges, delivery fee etc. which are defined by the Company as a servicing fee.
2. Payment shall be by credit card, and be settled at the time of conclusion of purchase agreement.
3. the Company may place restrictions in the way of payment as necessary. Also, the Member may not change the way of payment after the flexible term defined by it.
4. If no payment is confirmed though the purchase agreement has been concluded, the Company may cancel the agreement beyond the closing date of payment defined by it and may disqualify such Member declining the usage of its service thereafter.
5. The Company may add/change any of its fees by prior notice to Members in a way it determine as appropriate.

‘Article5 (Delivery of Tickets / Admission)
1. Delivery of the tickets after purchase, in principle, is by downloading the electronic data (QR code etc.) from the appropriate page of "ticket board" informed by the email sent to the registered email address of the Member. The Company delivers any paper-based tickets outside Japan under no circumstances.
2. Distribution arrangement shall be made before the due date the Company set in the event that the Member receives two or more tickets in the form of electronic data such as QR code and needs to distribute them to nonmembers.
Please note, before distributing the tickets, that such nonmember shall subscribe to "ticket board" membership before downloading the distributed ticket.
3. The manner of delivery defined by the Company may not be changed at the Member's convenience after the flexible term defined by it.
4. Delivery of the tickets in the form of electronic data using QR code etc., requires availability for Company's website access, SSL sessions and image display and saving on the mobile phone. Also, holders of the tickets (electronic data) obtained by the means informed by it shall entere from the specified gate. Tickets are only valid and checked when displayed on the monitor of the mobile phone and under no circumstances paper-based tickets are admitted.
No refund for forgetting to bring the mobile phone which has the downloaded degital ticket (electronic data) in it or for the corruption of the downloaded degital ticket due to the trouble on the mobile phone. Also, purchaser of the ticket shall bring any of the IDs such as driving license, passport etc. (only passport is admitted for the foreigners who reside outside Japan) to the event as staff may ask to present it at the gate.
5. The Company does not refund any tickets fees, servicing fees, charge for the payment and the delivery etc., defined by it when the Member did not receive the tickets for his/he own reasons.

‘Article6 (Refusal of Sale/Distribution)
1. The Company will refuse the sale or the distribution of the tickets in the event that the Member falls into any of the following items. In that case, the Company may suspend or disqualify said Member immediately without any prior notice.
1) Member has made false declaration or did not give necessary information in the required data.
2) Member has created nuisance to the other member or any third person, or has prevented Company's smooth sales.
3) Member has not completed necessary procedures during a specified term informed by the Company.
4) Member did not follow the rules in purchasing the tickets.
5) Payment has not been made by the specified date.
6) Member has violated any of the terms herein.
2. The Company may ask the Member for compensation regarding the damages incurred as a result of the above.

‘Article7 (Replacement/Amendment/Cooling-off of the Tickets)
Tickets may not be replaced, amended or cancelled after the conclusion of the purchase agreement for any reason whatsoever. Also, cooling-off is not applicable to the tickets purchased in this service.

‘Article8 (Lost/Stolen)
Tickets will not be reissued for any reason whatsoever (including lost, stolen, damaged etc.).

‘Article9 (Refund)
1. Notice to the customer of the changes in the contents of or cancellation of the events shall be given by the Event Promoter and the Company will not take any responsibilities for such changes or cancellations.
However, the Company may handle refund services on behalf of and by the request of the Event Promoter for the changed or cancelled tickets.
2. Refund will be within a time frame requested by the Event Promoter and practiced in a way defined by the Company.
The Company will not refund any of the tickets after such time frame or any of the ticket‚“ which are damaged, lost or beyond recognition in any way.
3. The amount of the refund will be the ticket price only. The Company will not refund any of the fees other than ticket price (charges, tranportation fees, accommodation fees, communication fees, postage fees etc.). Member shall agree in advance that refund may take 3 to 4 weeks to complete.

‘Article10 (Termination/Restart of Sales)
Sales of the tickets for each event may be terminated once a predetermined amount for that event has been sold. However, it may be restarted if additional seats or additional performances has been given by the Event Promoter.

‘Article11 (Prohibitions)
Members are not allowed to conduct any of the following actions. The Event Promoter may, at its own discretion, invalidate the purchased tickets without any refunds and reject the admission to the event when it comes out that any of the following actions has been conducted. Or, holder of such ticket may be ordered to leave the event after admission.
1. Resale or provide to resale the purchased tickets to the third person for a profit.
2. Resale or try to resale the purchased tickets at the price higher than its face price. Resale or try to resale at an auction or an internet auction.
3. Record or tape the contents of events, try to bring recording or taping device to event sites or bring dangerous goods to event sites, even though the Event Promoter prohibits recording or taping. The Event Promoter sometimes checks Members' belongings upon their entry to event sites, however, the Company shall assume no responsibility arising from or in connection with such check.

‘Article12 (Compensation for Mistakes in Issuing the Tickets)
The maximum amount of compensation to the Member for any mistakes in issuing the tickets shall be the face price of the ticket.

‘Article13 (Indemnification Regarding the Tickets)
1. The Company shall assume no responsibility for the tickets other than the tickets purchased directly from it.
2. The Company shall assume no responsibility for the damages of the Member or the third person arising from substantial delay or inability in fixing the order or purchase of the tickets or in sending notice of such order or purchase due to a heavy traffic in communication line or an unintentional damages on the computer system.

‘Article14 (Steps after Termination of Membership)
1. Members may receive purchased tickets in a way defined by the Company even after the termination of his/her membership. Provided, however, that the termination is not due to the suspension, cancellation or deprivation of membership by it based on the events provided in Article 7 of Terms of Ticket Board Membership or Article 4 Item 4, Article 6 and others of this Individual Provisions.
2. When refund of tickets occurs, Members may receive the refund in accordance with Article 9 herein even after the termination of his/her membership.

‘Article15 (Others)
Any other terms and conditions and provisions established by the Event Promoter, if any, will be applied in addition to the terms herein. This Individual Provisions may be subject to amendment/supplement without any prior notice pursuant to the change in Company's business or the requests from the Event Promoter.

Supplementary Clause: This provisions will be effective from midnight on May 27, 2010 (Japan time).
Partially revised on July 13, 2010

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