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About the digital ticket for mobile phones

What is the digital ticket for mobile phones?

Ticket board sells digital tickets for mobile phones.

The digital ticket for mobile phones is a new service that allows you to use your mobile phone as a ticket in order to enter event venues smoothly (by holding your mobile phone over the ticket reader placed at the entrance).

By registering as a member of our ticket service ticket board, you will be able to do everything from applying for, purchasing, and issuing a ticket, and even entering the venue, all with your mobile phone. When you use the digital ticket, there is no need to go to a box office, or to pay a postage fee to receive a physical ticket. It makes buying tickets easier and cheaper.

For multiple ticket purchases, you can allot tickets to accompanying members of your group such as family and friends, both overseas and in Japan, as easily as sending them an email to their mobile phones.

Accompanying members who receive your email can download their tickets onto their mobile phones easily, just by following the instructions and registering as a member of ticket board.

* Please check beforehand that your mobile phone can:
- Access websites
- Establish SSL sessions
- Display and save images

If you choose to download your digital ticket in Japan, your mobile phone must be capable of data roaming or connecting to wi-fi networks in Japan, in addition to the above. Please note that you will be responsible for any communication fees that may apply.

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What if you want to allot tickets to accompanying members??

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