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General sale

Nippon Budokan

OPEN 16:00 / START 17:00

-Ticket Price-
Reserved Seat   JPY 5,940(Tax inclusive)/ticket
39 Seat   JPY 3,900(Tax inclusive)/ticket

*Reserved Seat/39 Seat is issued for digital ticket.(maximum of 8 tickets per application)
*Age of 3 and over need a ticket for entry.

-System charge-
system charge :JPY324(Tax inclusive)/ticket

Precautions - Please be sure to read -

*Please agree to the membership agreement including consent of SuG's e-mail magazine to be delivered and third-party provision of personal information, please register and apply.

*Tickets are sold on first-come-first serve basis.

*Even during the sales period, reception will be the end when it reaches the scheduled numbers of tickets.

*We accept only credit cards.

*At most 8 tickets can be bought by one application. The application is possible up to one times for 1 person.

*Age of 3 and over need a ticket for entry.

*Times for doors and shows may change.

*The ticket board member registration (free of charge) is necessary for application.

*Accompanying members will also be required to register as a member of the ticket board.

*Digital tickets for mobile phones cannot be purchased if you do not have own mobile phone.

*For the mobile phone (including smartphone) of the person who applied, it is necessary to download a QR code ticket.

*Please be sure to enter the individual who applied for the ticket.

*If you are not the person you applied, we may refuse admission

*Resale is strictly prohibited. Admission is accepted applicants only.

*In principle, you must download and save your digital ticket before entering Japan.

*If you are downloading your ticket in Japan, make sure that your mobile phone can do the following: - Data roaming - Connect to wi-fi

*In principle, digital tickets that are printed on paper or presented on devices other than mobile phones will be deemed invalid.

*We may refuse your admission to disable the ticket in accordance with Terms and Conditions if you have discovered (even if there is any reason to those who are better-purchase has been exhibited) with regard to the ticket that has been obtained and the exhibition in the act, such as illegal sale or transfer of non-regular route ("auction", "ticket shop", "scalpers", "SNS", "site of flee market", over-the-counter, regardless of the Internet, the person-to-person).

*Please bring your passport on the day of the event. You may be asked to present it to our members of staff.

*No changes/refund or cancellations after completion of application is completed at any circumstances.

*Please also read the following:

Policy Regarding Digital Tickets for Mobile Phones

Ticket Payment Method

Important Reminder from the Organizer

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